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Chemiplastica's history as a thermoset leader dates back to 1955
Chemiplastica's history dates back to 1955 when we opened one plant, producing 5,000 tons, in Milan, Italy.

Since then, our commitment to quality and our singular vision have driven us to become the Global Leader in the amino sector of the thermoset industry, producing more than 75,000 tons annually.

Our first expansion was in the 1960s with a modern facility in Carbonate, Italy, that was engineered based on Chemiplastica's internally developed and unique know-how. This facility, which has been the catalyst for further expansions, has been continuously updated throughout the years.

Chemiplastica's move into global manufacturing was initiated in the 1990s with the construction of a vertically integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Villagran, Mexico.

Our acquisition in 2008 of Raytor Compounds (formerly Perstorp Compounds) marked Chemiplastica's further growth as a Global Supplier of Choice in the thermoset industry. his acquisition included manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Sweden; this single event more than doubled our global capacity.

Chemiplastica's latest acquisition in 2009 of ÷zbay Plastik, in Istanbul, Turkey, underscored our status as a global leader by improving our presence in the Eastern European and Asian markets.
Smart acquisitions within the thermoset industry fueled Chemiplastica's growth.Well-planned expansions of its thermoset plants helped Chemiplastica reach its goals.Chemiplastica operates five thermoset manufacturing facilities across the globe.Chemiplastica is a global supplier of choice in the thermoset industry because of its strategy of expansion, acquisition and vertical integration.
As we face the future, we already have plans in place to maintain our role as the leading provider of thermosets through careful expansion, vertical integration and acquisitions.

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